I have found a lost cat

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Council has no power to collect cats that have roamed onto your property. 

Under the Companion Animals Act 1998, cats are allowed to roam freely, other than in prohibited areas such as food preparation or consumption areas, and wildlife protection areas. It is illegal to trap cats that are known to be owned and BARC will not accept stray cats.

If you have found a stray cat first check with your neighbours as cats usually roam near their homes, you can distribute photos on local community boards or social media groups and check with your local vet for missing pets. 

For additional information on what to do if you find a stray cat please read this guide produced by the RSPCA NSW:  DL_brochure_if-you-find-a-cat_WEB.pdf(PDF, 469KB)

Nuisance owned cats: To report a nuisance cat that is owned by a neighbour please phone 5300 6000. You must provide the address where the nuisance cat lives and be willing to make a statement to Council Officers about any destructive or nuisance behaviours.