Why Two Cats Are Better Than One


Why adopt one kitten when you can adopt two 

 Whether you already have a cat or are considering adding a feline friend to the family, you may want to consider adopting a pair of kittens and this is why.

Despite what most people believe cats aren’t totally independent and in domesticated setting they thrive of companionship of another cat in the household. When cats are left alone for long periods of time, they can become bored and lonely, which can lead behavioural issues, cats becoming under stimulated and overweight is a problem single household cats face. That’s why it’s vital to keep your cat stimulated and entertained, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and not always home to offer your cat enough attention through playing and grooming.

We recommend adopting two kittens at the same time and occasionally we will have a bonded litter pair or a pair we have placed together that you will see interacting with each other which includes playing, sleeping and grooming each other. Having two kittens in your home will keep each other entertained playing and chasing each other along with company when left alone and they will both have a snuggle buddy when sleeping home alone and will most likely keep out of trouble and offer you hours of entertainment and laughter when in your presence.


 Kittens are very much monkey see, monkey do!!

 Kittens are very intelligent animals and curious by nature and will learn a lot from each other’s experiences and curiosity which can lead to a good few laughs.

 (Accordingly, if one kitten quickly learns his/her good behaviours, the other is likely to follow suit—much faster than they would’ve learned on their own.)

 Mental stimulation is important to prevent unwanted behaviour

It’s important to keep kittens active and engaged to avoid bad behaviour out of boredom when left alone or lack of mental stimulation , even the most dedicated fur parent may not be able to provide hours to dedicated playtime.

That’s where a second kitten comes in. Playtime between two kittens will keep them exercised, active, and mentally stimulated, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the kitty antics.

Fussy eaters

Fussy eaters can be quite frustrating and challenging, having two kittens will help encourage each other to eat and try new foods.

Already own an older cat and want to adopt a second or third ?

Believe it or not, if you already have a mature cat, two kittens are better than one. Why? A new kitten will see your older cat as a playmate whether she likes it or not and could become a nuisance to her or, worse, cause her stress and anxiety. If you adopt two kittens, however, they’ll play with each other, leaving your older cat to spectate in peace.

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Give two kittens a loving home instead of one

One of the strongest arguments for adopting two cats, rather than one, is simple: If you adopt two

cats, you’re saving two lives.

Despite the fact that kittens are more likely to be adopted, not every kitten finds her fur-ever home right  away which can lead to spending a long time in a shelter environment and decreasing the chances of being adopted, also owning two kittens isn’t much more expensive then owning one, sometimes even three.

If your looking to adopt a cat or kitten or a two, speak to the lovely staff at BARC and we can assist you in finding a suitable cat or two to enjoy a loving home and provide you with years of love and laughter.