Frequently asked questions lost

Can Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre post advertisements to help me find my lost pet?

No. The Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre does not offer a service to look for your lost pet and is not able to post an advertisement on your behalf.

To find out whether someone has brought your pet to us, you can search our database.

What happens once a lost animal is accepted at Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre?

We’ll do everything we can to find the animal’s owner. We make several attempts to contact them by phone, email and/or letter using the details on the NSW Pet Registry.

If we’re able to contact the owner and they live in our catchment area, we’ll chauffeur the animal home for no charge.

If the registered owner does not contact us to claim the animal within 14 days of us receiving it, or the animal is unregistered, we’ll care for it in the Centre until we’re able to rehome it.

Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 cats or dogs that are not microchipped must be held for 7 days. If the animal has not been claimed after 7 days, it will become available for adoption.

All cats and dogs in the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre receive routine health care and are microchipped and desexed before they are adopted. 

How long does Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre hold animals for?

Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre has the facilities to keep animals until they are collected by their registered owner, are adopted, or naturally reach the end of their life.

Do you provide veterinary care for lost animals?

Yes. All the animals held at the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre are cared for by our resident vets. The veterinary staff provide general healthcare, desexing, vaccinations, worming and other standard procedures.