I have lost my pet

Strays brought into BARC - If you’ve lost your pet, there’s a chance someone may have found it and brought it to the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre. If your cat or dog is registered on the NSW Pet Registry we’ll try and contact you using the address, phone number and email listed on the Registry.

Strays found roaming - If your pet is microchipped and registered on the NSW Pet Registry, a Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre staff member will attempt to contact you and arrange to drop the animal home whilst our rangers are out on the road during business hours. If your contact details are out of date or the staff member cannot get a hold of you, the animal will be brought into BARC.

We understand how upsetting it can be to lose your furry companion. If no one has contacted you about your lost pet, there are several things you can do.

Step 1. Search our database

When an animal is brought to the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre, we upload a description and photograph onto our database. This database includes all animals currently held at the Centre.

Search the BARC database now.

If you find your pet on our database, please phone us on 5300 6000 to arrange collection.


Step 2. Try to find your pet yourself

If your pet doesn’t appear on our database, it means we’re not holding it.

To help you reunite with your furry companion, you can:

  1. Put up posters in your neighbourhood or do a letter box drop with a photograph of your pet and contact phone number.
  2. Join a lost, found and missing pets Facebook group in your area.

Sometimes there’s a delay between an animal becoming lost and it being brought into our Centre. You’re welcome to search our database as many times as you need.