I have found a lost dog

Found a healthy and friendly dog in Blacktown City Council? 

If it’s safe to do so, secure the animal as best you can. Check for any identification on a collar or tag and try to make contact with the owner. The aim is to always try to get the animal home as soon as possible.

OPTION 1 -  If you found the dog in Blacktown City Council you can either bring the dog into the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre in Glendenning (Open 7 days) or call on 5300 6000 during business hours Monday to Friday to arrange collection.

Take a photo of the dog and note as many details as you can (e.g. breed if known, colour, size and any unusual markings). Once the dog is accepted in our Centre, we’ll upload the details onto our database.

Additionally, you can help by uploading the photo and description of the dog to your local area’s Facebook lost pet database.

OPTION 2 -  If you can hold the dog for 24 hours - You can significantly improve the chances of reuniting the dog with their owner by taking the dog to a Dog Microchip Scanning Location which is an initiative of the Animal Welfare League NSW. If you’re willing to temporarily mind the dog and bring him or her to the appropriate pound within 24 hours if not reclaimed, visit theFindMyOwner websiteand click “I Found A Dog” to find your nearest Microchip Scanning Location. Scanning locations cannot hold dogs. In most cases, the dog will be reunited quickly with their owner.

Aggressive stray dogs: If you’ve found a dog behaving in a threatening or dangerous way, immediately phone 5300 6000 during business hours or call your local police station after hours.