Animal foster care is temporary care provided in someone’s home for those animals that are too young to be desexed or those who would not cope well in a shelter environment.

Fostering kittens, a cat or dog, and preparing them for their forever home, is highly rewarding. Caring for an animal in need will not only bring you much love and joy but also the satisfaction of having saved an animal’s life.

If you’re not able to make a lifelong financial or emotional commitment to an animal, fostering is a wonderful alternative to adoption.

There are three steps to fostering an animal through Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre.

Step 1. Complete the online application form

Once we receive your application, we’ll review it. 

Click here to view form.

Step 2. Meet with a staff member

You’ll be invited to an online or in person interview with a Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre staff member. This is an informal meeting so that we can get to know you and your living environment as well as discuss any concerns you might have.

Step 3. Meet your foster animal

If your application is approved, we’ll deliver the animal or animals to your home along with your starter pack. We’ll advise you on the best food for the animal in your care and answer any questions you might have.

Interested in becoming a foster carer? Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre is looking for foster carers who have a lot of love to give and a few hours a day to care for kittens, as well as special needs cats and dogs. You don’t need to be at home all day to foster a dog, kittens or cat. Phone 5300 6000 and talk to one of friendly staff today about what’s involved.