Frequently asked questions – foster

Is the cost of veterinary care covered by Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre?

Yes. The Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre veterinary clinic covers the cost of all vaccinations, worming and flea treatments, monthly check-ups and desexing. 

If you’re concerned about a health issue, don’t hesitate to contact us. All consultations and veterinary care are free of charge for our foster carers.

It’s important to contact the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre vets, rather than going to your local private vet. As well as being free of charge, our vets will be familiar with the specific needs of the animal in your care. 

Vet consultations at the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre are free. We do not cover the cost of a private vet.

Is there a minimum or maximum time foster carers can keep kittens?

No. There is no minimum or maximum time period you can keep kittens, but kittens must be a minimum of 1kg before they can be returned to the Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre. 

What do I need to provide for an animal in my care?

Lots of love and a few hours a day to care for and play with the animal are the main ingredients to a successful foster arrangement. 

To help you settle in your foster pet, we will give you a starter pack which will include bedding and food bowls. For cats we will also give you a litter tray.

You'll need to cover the cost of food, treats, dog lead, dog tidy bags (for dog poop) and cat litter yourself for the duration of the foster period. 

To help stimulate and socialise your kittens, cat or dog, we also recommend you have some safe dog or cat toys handy.

Are fostered kittens and cats allowed outside?

No. All foster cats and kittens must be kept inside and separated from any other pets you might have in the house. 

Can I foster more than one animal at a time?

Some adult dogs and cats are better on their own. Cats and dogs are territorial and multi-animal households can be stressful for the animal. We'll tell you whether the dog or cat needs to be on their own or whether you can care for more than one animal at a time.